Live in Vegas

Things have been very busy. Currently about to meet some friends for a 9pm dinner reservation at NINE Steakhouse in the Palms hotel. Been in Vegas since Sunday for the annual WPPI Photographers convention in support of our friends at What an educational and impressive event.

Photographers are truly an impressive breed when it comes to brand awareness, online experience and innovation. Folks like [b]ecker (, Scarlett Lillian (, Chris Humphries (, Dane Sanders ( and many more were out here for the event and are truly respected as pioneers of online marketing awareness for the industry. This made me think about the topic of simply marketing… marketing accomplishments, capabilities, self,  and doing it well. The budgets of Nike and Coke don’t exist for most of us, so what do you do? For photographers they have to focus on not only the quality of their work, but the quality of their personalities, insights, observations, and willingness to continue learning.

Some tools that exist currently to promote the above on a budget exist in web sites that attract and build confidence amongst your clients/prospects, Blogging to share insights on your specific industry, establishing awareness and authority, and optimizing your web site and Blogs to be found by popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Also try some of these:
– Qualified directories specific to your industry (typically the organizers of these directories have spent resources outside of the standalone operation’s budget to deliver results to their directory members – but make sure to do your research and find out their traffic ranking, daily traffic, are they visually representing you well, are they affordable, are your respected peers their?)
– Join industry specific networks! Respect in your industry is more valuable than you might of thought. Referrals from busier referral partners, overflow contract work, and people to refer your overflow to all help you, and your community make more money and success.

Oh – my wife is reminding me about that reservation at NINE – sorry to cut off here. More on this topic in the future.


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